Cianna Lyon shares a day with Mosaic Learning Society

2014 wildplay - cianna

The first task of the day: figure out how deep the water was beside the dock. So, we rallied some sticks and hung our heads over the side of the ledge, like dogs out a window, to see how far down we could poke our twigs before they hit the bottom. Clearly underestimating the depth, not only did the water engulf our miniscule branches, but the sleeves of our sweaters. Oops!

2014 wildplay - cianna 3

Next, we trekked around the lake and rewarded ourselves with a hardy lunch by the Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary. We sat knee-to-knee in a circle and shared stories of our favorite celebrities. This sparked inspiration to create ‘DJ’ names for each other: I have forever been dubbed ‘DJ Dancing Star.’

2014 wildplay - cianna 5

With full bellies ready to take on the obstacles at WildPlay, we packed up and set our sights ‘high’ for what was to come… literally.

We dangled, swung, climbed, shimmied, and zipped through the trees like a family of monkeys. From the green level, to the blue level, to the red level – the Monkido Aerial Adventure course was lit up with encouraging chants and well-deserved congratulations. We constantly challenged each other to do “just one more” – and when fear chose to blind our bravery, we picked up our glasses from the forest floor below and pushed forward… also, literally.

Today was an extraordinary day. Feeling empowered and refreshed, there truly is nothing like a bit of encouragement and wind in your face from a zip line to brighten a spirit.

[Words and photos by Cianna Lyon]