Drawing a Line in the Sand of Life

I have had a phenomenal experience with Power To Be. With only 1% of my vision remaining, I felt that I couldn’t do many of the outdoor activities that I had always enjoyed. However, Power To Be has helped me to reclaim my relationship with the outdoors and has been a big part of my journey of self-discovery in trying to navigate life without vision.

Losing my vision forced me to face many devastating and challenging obstacles. However, in dealing with the adversity of the situation, I discovered many new things about myself. As part of this discovery process, I drew a line in the sand of life and did something totally out of character. I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest free-standing mountain in Africa in September 2017. It was a demanding but life-changing experience. It set me on the path to explore and re-insert myself into outdoor activities I used to do. That’s when I was introduced to Power To Be. A visually impaired friend recommended Power To Be as an organization that could help me transition back into outdoor activities given my situation.

With all the support provided by Power To Be, I have experienced a variety of adventures such as kayaking, hiking, camping, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and rock climbing. These experiences with Power To Be over the past two years have given me the confidence to get back into the outdoors. My most memorable experience so far has been the whitewater rafting trip, which was a part of a special Power To Be event. This was my first-time whitewater rafting, and I was so excited and motivated by the experience that I convinced some friends the following week to come again with me and give it a try.

I’m always looking forward to more outdoor activities with Power To Be. I’m so thankful for the organization and its mission to get everyone outside to experience nature. I am truly grateful that Power To Be is here and is helping me to discover how life can unfold in ways I’d never thought of in spite of my blindness.

With your contribution, we can ensure more people in need of support, like Bill, can discover their limitless abilities through our nature-based programs.

This blog post was written by Bill Der, a Power To Be participant. Bill loves to get outdoors to enjoy the many fun activities offered by nature.