Wilderness School youth let go through time in nature

Bringing together five generations of Wilderness School participants, the annual Woman’s Warrior Weekend empowers young women to build confidence in themselves while supporting their peers. With two years of returning alumni joining in, the group spent the weekend camping, taking part in communication and trust-building exercises, and hiking.

Sylvia Storry, Wilderness School community development coordinator, hoped the weekend’s activities would help the youth make a connection between their feelings and their goals. While climbing to the summit of Mount Bluff, the group took time to read inspirational quotes and set positive intentions.

“It was amazing for the girls to see in each other how strong they all are,” Sylvia says. “They aren’t just building their own confidence, they are building confidence in each other.”

For Shiloh and Serenity, third year Wilderness School participants, the weekend allowed them to let go, relax, and connect with the people around them.

“You can be you without any judgement,” Serenity says.

Now in their final year of Wilderness School, the pair credits Power To Be for the positive change they see in themselves. “I used to be really closed off and now I have become more social and more confident,” Shiloh says.

For Serenity, her experiences in nature have helped her find herself, she says.

“Wilderness School has helped me create the person I want to be.”