At Power To Be, we believe that nature can help us grow and find belonging. The concept of wellness is woven throughout our programs. With the introduction of the Wilderness Wellness stream, we are building more intentional programs to support people beyond feeling good with the goal of supporting them in functioning well.  Our Wilderness Wellness programs are developed to provide space for individuals and families to explore their strengths though experiences co-created with nature.

While Wilderness Wellness is our newest program stream, we have been providing nature-based therapeutic programming to families and individuals for many years. Each year we partner with Human Nature Counselling to offer the Family Roots program. Through a combination of outdoor recreation and activities that foster connections with nature, families build bonds and skills that support them in future growth. Through play and immersion in accessible, barrier-free outdoor spaces, our participants are given the space to find themselves. We find that participants who guide their own adventures through participant-identified challenges thrive. With this in mind, we intend to develop the capacity of the Wilderness Wellness stream. Stay tuned for more information as we work towards growing these impactful programs!