Power To Be hosts annual graduation and succession ceremony

“It is very important to publicly recognize our youth, particularly in front of their parents, so that we can celebrate successes with their family,” said Duncan Mack, Power To Be risk management coordinator. “The goal of the celebration is to have everyone leaving stoked and proud. Kids proud of what they’ve done and parents proud of what their kids have accomplished. We want everyone to feel the pride that we feel for these kids everyday.”

For the grade 11 youth, the celebration marked the end of their three-year journey with Power To Be’s Wilderness School. Reflecting back on her time in the program, Serenity shared stories of overcoming fears, making life-long friendships and plenty of laughter.

‘If you were to ask me what my favourite trip was, I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you because every trip has been my favourite,” she said. “It doesn’t matter how easy the trip was or how hard the trip was, all the matters is that we’re all out there doing our best and supporting each other.”

In recognition of their hard work, third year youth were gifted a backpack, generously provided by Robinson’s Outdoor Store. The pack symbolizes all the memories, relationships and skills they will carry with them as they take on new adventures. The year one and year two cohorts received Power To Be swag to acknowledge their dedication to the program and to use on upcoming Wilderness School trips.

“Power To Be has shown me not to be afraid and live life to the fullest,” Serenity said. “It has personally helped me discover who I am, who I want to be and how to achieve all my goals and dreams.”

Thank you to Truffles for the wonderful food, and the staff, participants, and sponsors who all worked together to make this evening possible.