Rahul is one of our Board Directors here at Power To Be. Like the stern in the big canoe, our Board of Directors strategically guides our organization forward with passion and expertise.

The first time Rahul visited on our Prospect Lake site, it looked much different than it does today. The wild and luscious fields were thoughtfully groomed, pits of sand in abnormal oblong shapes scattered the lot, and one was always on high alert for a rogue golf-ball heading for the bottom of the lake. Indeed, a lot has changed since Rahul first golfed at our site, the former Prospect Lake Golf Course. Later, he would visit again with what he termed his “army of biologists”: a group of biologist co-workers and their families to conduct a biological inventory of the 78-acre site.  Rahul and his oldest son camped out and traversed the diverse lakeside lot.

Time in nature is precious. As Rahul puts it, “get outside and let nature heal you.” It is something that has always been important to him.

Rahul was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2006. He had just finished graduate school and was about to start his life. In the years that followed, with the support of his lovely wife and amazing friends, both old and new, he adapted. He decided that he was going to be an open book. Despite the new barriers and challenges, he moved forward with optimism. He thought, what is possible and how can I adapt? As an outdoorsy guy, a soccer player, spouse, and father of three, Rahul approaches life with a positive outlook. As he put it, “I’m a stubborn, obnoxiously positive guy!”

As a leader at his firm in the environmental field, Rahul brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his volunteer work with Power To Be. He first was a member of our Program Committee, where there was a greater focus on the operations of our programs. Now, he holds a position on our Board of Directors, working to drive our mission of reducing barriers to accessing nature forward and bringing our impact to new levels. What drew him to Power To Be is the community. The energy out on program and bringing smiles to our participants’ faces are his favourite things about what we do. In his leadership role, he values helping people grow, giving back to the community, and setting others up for success.

In his free time, you can find Rahul building an accessible cabin with his family from the ground up on Galiano Island. I know we are all asking the same thing – how does he do it all?

…with humility, a smile, and the strength of the community around him.

We are immensely grateful to have Rahul on our Board of Directors. Thank you for all that you do for Power To Be.

This blog was written by Cara Baudin, the Volunteer Services Administrator at Power To Be! Cara has been gaining work experience with us as a co-op student from the University of Victoria.