In 2017, Nicola joined the Power To Be community, jumping into programming with enthusiasm, a dependable and sociable presence, and a readiness to support individuals of all abilities.

She became involved as a volunteer as she wanted to bridge two of her passions together; exploring the outdoors, and inclusivity and accessibility. Nicola has brought her supportive and approachable demeanor to many programs, special events, and workshop opportunities, and she was our most recent volunteer racer on the Power To Be team at Vancouver’s 2019 Power To Play event held in Stanley Park. She supported and encouraged the team as they moved through challenges of physical and mental endurance with great success.

Always arriving to program with a positive and ready attitude, Nicola creates an encouraging environment for participants, staff, and other volunteers to find opportunities for fun and growth. Nicola’s highlights about being on program are the connections forged and the opportunity to learn something new while out in nature with the Power To Be community. While you can count on Nicola to bring her outstanding volunteer energy to all of Power To Be’s programs, her favourite programs include hiking and snowshoeing in the North Shore mountains.

When Nicola isn’t on program with Power To Be, you can find her exploring the city, hiking and camping with her partner, or hanging out at the beach with their dog, Gary (Gary loves to swim).

Thank you for all that you bring to program and to Power To Be, Nicola! We’re so grateful to have you be a part of our community.

This blog was written by the incredible Steph Wood, one of Power To Be’s Program Facilitators. Steph has spent her whole life exploring the B.C. Coastal mountains hiking, trail running, skiing, rock climbing and backcountry camping.