Nevin and Elaine originally found their way to Power To Be through our signature fundraiser, Power To Play. They quickly became passionate about Power To Be’s mission, everyone belongs in nature, and hit the ground running as they began volunteering on programs. Outdoor enthusiasts themselves, their love for nature and exploration is infectious. Having supported on programs from snowshoeing to kayaking, Nevin and Elaine have been pillars of the volunteer community for the last four years. It’s impossible to resist their genuine joy and love for adventure.

Still supporters of Power To Play, you can find these two on the course, cheering on the racers and guiding them through the challenges. With all their experience with Power To Be, Nevin and Elaine have also been wonderful ambassadors at resource fairs and community events. Nevin’s empathy and confidence make him a reliable and consistent presence that brings great peace and stability to every program he’s on and Elaine’s easy smile and warmth make her a welcoming presence whether at a trailhead or information table.

We are so grateful for all Nevin and Elaine have done to support inclusive adventures in our community. It is with great joy that we congratulate them on another exciting adventure coming their way. They will be welcoming another little explorer this spring!

Banner Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash