Monique joined the Power To Be volunteer team in 2018, bringing her passion for community and the environment to our programs. Being outside and in nature is Monique’s happy place and she has a natural gift of sharing and spreading her love of the outdoors with staff and participants alike.

Monique’s comfortability and strong facilitation skills create a sense of ease for those around her on program. She always comes from a place of care and compassion and her community-based approach to support is clear in all the ways that she is involved with Power To Be. In our shift to more virtual programming, Monique has been highly engaged in supporting with programs as well as attending volunteer workshops and socials. Check out this awesome activity to try out yourself, led by Monique.

Monique not only volunteers her time on program but also brings her enthusiasm to fundraising. She brought incredible energy to Power To Summit, going all out on the fundraising front offering homemade jingles/songs in return for donations to her Power To Summit Team. A highlight of this race for all involved was witnessing Monique, who is allergic to bananas, summiting the Bowen Island lookout while sporting a full-body banana outfit.

Thank you Monique, for your playful energy, compassion and dedication that you bring to the Power To Be community as a whole!

This blog was written by Tameus Venkataraman, Power To Be‘s Program Support Specialist. Tameus brings his experience facilitating programs, and his appreciation for diversity and many ways of life gleaned from his travels, to empower participants to achieve their goals and connect them to a larger community that loves to play outside.