Power To Be’s programs would not be possible without our wonderful volunteers who bring their spirit, skills, and smiles on every adventure. Among this dedicated group of volunteers is Josée McGeough, whose personal journey with Power To Be began decades ago when a chance encounter with a stranger changed the course of her life.

Nature has always been important to Josée – activities like hiking, camping, and beach naps offer her peace, joy, calm, challenge, learning, respect, and appreciation. While visiting Vancouver in 1999, she ran into Power To Be’s founder, Tim Cormode, and was immediately fascinated by the idea of making outdoor experiences accessible to people of all abilities. A few years later she was invited to attend the 3rd International Adventure Therapy Conference hosted by Power To Be, where she was inspired by a community of like-minded individuals. Six weeks later, Josée was moving from Edmonton to Victoria with an old car, a bike, a tent, and her physiotherapy degree to be a part of the Power To Be magic.

Reflecting back on the early days, Josée reminds us that Power To Be was once a small organization with limited resources. Trips around the island were organized using Tim’s personal minivan, and policies and procedures were informal. Josée remembers starting before volunteer screening or orientation existed, which allowed her to try a multi-day kayaking outing after having never been in a kayak before! Needless to say, Power To Be has come a long way since then.

As Power To Be has grown, we have expanded our ability to offer accessible experiences and community connection by implementing formal systems, operating our own vehicles, and establishing a home base at Prospect Lake. Throughout this expansion Power To Be has been a constant in Josée’s life. It has offered opportunities to share in the benefits of nature with wonderful people while contributing to program activities, participating in fundraising efforts, and lending a hand at work parties. It even opened doors she never thought possible, including the opportunity to serve as a board member during the organization’s early days.

When asked about her favorite experiences with Power To Be, Josée thinks about community. She regularly meets different people that are connected to, involved in or have heard of the important work Power To Be does. She sees how this wonderful organization can attract great employees, volunteers, participants, community members, and businesses who value nature and inclusion.

Power To Be has had a profound impact on Josée’s life. Through her experiences, we see the transformative power of volunteering, the joy of connecting with nature, and the incredible work that Power To Be does to foster a community around outdoor experiences that are accessible to all. Thank you, Josée, for everything you have contributed to the Power To Be community over the years.