Jackie approached us 5 years ago to get involved as a volunteer with Power To Be and since then has naturally played many integral roles, not only as a volunteer but as an ambassador for the organization.

In 2018, in addition to being a program volunteer at Power To Be, Jackie completed a full practicum placement for her Interprofessional Mental Health & Addictions diploma. This year her volunteer focus was on the Family Roots Nature Therapy Program through Human Nature Counselling. She has also recently lead an important and insightful workshop for Power To Be staff and volunteers called Language, Attitude and Perceptions, which dove into the invisible barriers to inclusion.

Jackie is a dedicated volunteer in addition to working full time and training and competing as a world-class athlete. Jackie and her husband John won a silver medal in sailing during the 2016 Paralympic Games!

What sets Jackie apart is her ability to genuinely connect with others and to inspire change. Her advocacy and honest action towards enhancing our community is incredibly impactful.

Thank you, Jackie, for everything you are to Power To Be! We are so grateful for your spirit, perspective and depth you bring to our team and programs.

This blog was written by Kendal Wright, Power To Be‘s volunteer champion. Kendal is our Volunteer Services Coordinator and believes in the incredible power of volunteerism with the goal of creating connection and building vibrant communities.