Our Family Roots volunteers are an incredible group of individuals that radiate the warmth and connection at the heart of our Family Roots program. Through immersion in the outdoors, this dedicated group of volunteers adventure, play, and grow alongside families to strengthen bonds, increase well-being, and promote resiliency.  

You should see the way that Sylvia’s face lights up when she describes the Family Roots volunteers. Sylvia, our Youth and Families Adventure Lead, has been adventuring alongside these volunteers for many years. That’s what makes this group so special- their commitment and loyalty as volunteers with Power To Be. This group has been involved with Family Roots for at least three years, and before that, some were part of our community for upwards of 8 years as volunteers.  

This enthusiastic group of folks jump into the program with both feet. When COVID-19 threw a wrench into the mix, they showed up to support in full-force behind the scenes to continue supporting youth and families. Most of these volunteers also work a day-job in the field with the same passion of supporting these folks; they do their 9-5, and at the end of the day, still find the time and space to give back. They bring unique wisdom and knowledge to this program, and it simply wouldn’t be the same without them.  


Family Roots Volunteer

Danielle is so committed to the program… she is always someone you can count on to go the extra mile. Always game to dive in head-first, Danielle shows up to program with incredible enthusiasm and passion for what she does. Her wealth of knowledge and experience supporting youth and families is so valuable. On top of that, she knows SO many awesome games!


Family Roots Volunteer

Nate… well, Nate is just so much fun! He’s so positive, has a great energy, and always gives his full self on program. Nate finds ways to engage youth and families in creative and fun ways. His positive energy is infectious! 


Family Roots Volunteer

Moira is the kid whisperer. Described as patient, understanding, incredibly positive and fun, Moira connects with participants in a really special way. Her and Danielle are the dynamic duo at pulling fun games out of their back pockets that everyone loves!


Family Roots Volunteer

Heidi is able to meet youth and families where they’re at… she shows them she is really there for them and connects really well. Heidi brings a gentle positive energy to program that is so special and puts everyone at ease. She is just so lovely to be around.

We have immense gratitude for our Family Roots volunteers! Their presence on program makes the experience that much more enjoyable and magical. It means so much to the families and all of us at Power To Be that these amazing folks dedicate their time to this program.