Debbie has been involved in almost every aspect of Power To Be since she began volunteering with us more than two years ago. She brings forth an infectious enthusiasm to all of her work with us and is someone who goes with the flow yet is not hesitant to step into a leadership position when needed.

Debbie has volunteered in too many programs to list but her support in many community group initiatives quickly come to mind, including “Broom Bashing and Fort Building” with Prospect Lake Elementary School, Nature Art programming, and many Have A Go events (where the community is invited to try a variety of Power To Be activities in one drop-in program).

She eagerly shares her passion for the outdoors, and gets our participants excited about their natural surroundings. Debbie demonstrates her determination and willingness to take on whatever task is needed through her consistent support at our Prospect Lake work parties, community engagement events, and fundraising initiatives such as Power To Play and Power To Golf.

Additionally, Debbie sits on our Risk Management Committee, and lends her logical approach and knack for creative solutions to our staff, board, and committees as she supports in the revision of health and safety policies and procedures. Combining her experience from all sides of our organization and her diverse knowledge from her personal and professional life, Debbie provides great perspective, insight, and creative ideas that complements our organization and is incredibly valued by our staff team.

Her approachable demeanour, passion and natural leadership fosters community and makes her an inspiring ambassador for Power To Be. We are extremely grateful for Debbie’s dedication and commitment to Power To Be, and the impact she has made in our community.

Banner Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash