D’Arcy has been a volunteer superstar from the very first day she joined us in November 2018. A strong advocate for inclusion and accessibility in the outdoors, D’Arcy’s volunteering involvement with Power To Be started in a unique way; her son Nathan, is an enthusiastic Power To Be participant. Inspired by Power To Be’s mission and pursuing a new-found passion for communications, she joined the Power To Be team as a volunteer for the Advancement department and moved to the Marketing and Communications department in April 2019. Eager to build upon her ever-growing skillset, she quickly began to contribute to our organization in a new and exciting way.

Always going above and beyond to ensure that a task is completed with diligence, care, and creativity, D’Arcy consistently brought fresh ideas and stepped up to tackle new projects. An invaluable asset from the start, she consistently pushed the boundaries of her comfort zone, which allowed her skills and confidence to grow exponentially throughout her time with us.

Taking the lead on multiple projects, D’Arcy has excelled greatly within our Marketing and Communications department. On top of bringing a unique and insightful perspective to the team, her smile brightens up every room she enters. In addition to her role within Power To Be’s office, she has also dedicated countless hours to supporting various Power To Be programs and events.

D’Arcy spoke of her experience of being a part of the Power To Be team as a volunteer, “I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve at Power To Be.  The chance to give back, for all the staff and program volunteers have done for my family, has been a pleasure.  Power To Be has not only supported my son to learn and grow, it has supported me to obtain skills and express my creativity in ways that pushed my comfort zone and were invaluable to my recent transition back to the workforce.  The benefits of being welcomed into such a positive community will make a long-lasting difference to my family.  Thank you!”

D’Arcy recently took a step back from our team to pursue a full-time career, and we will miss her positive energy around the office dearly. We are so grateful for all your hard work D’Arcy, and we wish you all the best on the exciting journey ahead of you!

This blog post was written by Kira Rowsell, Power To Be’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator. Kira is passionate about encouraging people to get outside and helping to share the endless stories of nature through photography, videography, and writing.