We first met Anthony at our Power To Play event last year, where we quickly came to realize that we had a rock star in our midst. Jumping on every task available and staying well past his shift time two days in a row, he was a large contributor to the smoothness and success of the event. Anthony’s keenness, good humour and approachability has since been experienced in our Adaptive Recreation programs, Wilderness School and at our Prospect Lake Work parties.

“My favourite part of being a volunteer has been getting to know so many amazing people! Participants, staff and volunteers have all been so incredible. Seeing some amazing people come together to help each other do great things has been such a privilege.”

Anthony came to Power To Be when he was looking for inspiration and experience working in the outdoors. In his own words: “Power To Be came recommended from a friend and once I joined I actually got hooked on it! The more I volunteered the more I liked it and now I just want to contribute as much as I can”.  As a step in a changing career path, he recently completed the COLT program (Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training) through Strathcona Park Lodge and has brought this new skill set back into his volunteer role. Combining his outdoor skills and enthusiasm for working with people and nature, Anthony easily inspires others to be just as excited.

Thank you Anthony for the dedication, energy and enthusiasm that you bring to Power To Be! We are so fortunate to have you on our volunteer team and as a part of our community!