Alyssa is described as extremely dependable, creative, and deeply caring. She first started with us as a program volunteer in 2016, and since then has been an exceptional supporter of Power To Be in a number of different ways. Her love for nature and passion for inclusion is at the forefront of all that she does, making a lasting impact on everyone she connects with in the organization and beyond.

In the summer of 2018, Alyssa accompanied two of our amazing participants on a once in a lifetime journey to the Arctic with the Students On Ice program.  Out adventuring in this unique landscape, Alyssa and our youth witnessed magnificent blue and white glaciers, polar bears traversing ice flows, and connected with the Indigenous stewards who have taken care of these lands for many, many years. Alyssa was a champion for this program, as it combined her passions for environmental education, community, and adventure!

Alyssa has never shied away from a challenge, and always jumps on an opportunity to support our mission. We celebrate her for her leadership on our Board of Directors and on our Governance and Nomination committee, where she is a steward for equity, diversity, and inclusion practices. Additionally, she has been an amazing community partner, building bridges between Power To Be and organizations like CanAssist, OneAbility, and Co-op student employment programs. She has also been a rockstar support for our Power To Play events! Power To Be staff have so much trust in Alyssa, and have such immense gratitude for all of the different ways she has supported us.

Alyssa, thank you for being you, and for all that you do! Volunteers like you are impact generators at Power To Be.

This blog was written by Cara Baudin, the Volunteer Services Administrator at Power To Be! Cara has been gaining work experience with us as a co-op student from the University of Victoria.