Known for his keenness, friendly energy, and versatility, Alex is praised for contributing to the success of some of our biggest fundraising projects this year. As a placement volunteer with our Advancement department, Alex has been hands on from day one with a “bring it on” kind of attitude!

Alex is described as a jack of all trades with many talents to share. He leads a busy life balancing work, his education, and other volunteer commitments, while still finding the time to dedicate to Power To Be – doing it all with a smile. When he joined the Advancement team to lend a hand, the team noted and appreciated how he was ready to jump in with both feet. In his volunteer role, Alex has been able to build relationships in the organization while gaining professional experience. He goes that extra mile by even doing research about the new systems and processes he is learning, demonstrating his commitment as a volunteer and the care he brings to the role. As a very active, hands-on person, Alex notes that volunteering with Power To Be has challenged him to learn new skills like data management. Alex’s efforts contributed to the success of Power To Summit Vancouver as well as our Virtual Silent Auction.

Placement volunteers like Alex are impact generators at Power To Be. Thank you for all that you do!