This past year Power To Be has had the honour of working with wildlife biologist Joanna Preston. She inspired us to build nesting boxes for the endangered Screech Owl as you might have read about in a blog entry we shared earlier this year!

The Screech Owls are an endangered species (red listed in BC) and mate in the winter. Bigger owls like barred owls are known to hunt the smaller owls. Although these little beauties are struggling, we know they’re around. Below is a video from a neighbouring nesting box. This mama screech owl had four babies! Chances will increase next year of the screech owls finding the boxes, the holes are cut just big enough for the owls to get in.

A great way to identify their call is with the Merlin Bird ID app – where you can listen and record  bird calls and get immediate feedback about what species you’re hearing! The Screech Owl call is compared the sound of a bouncy ball – yes, you read that right! Check it out here!

Here’s to hoping for some Power To Be nesting Screech Owls in 2023!

This blog was written by Power To Be’s Community Development Lead, Britt! Britt works to cultivate reciprocity with the way humans interact with nature – giving back and weaving meaningful connections.