Host an event or fundraise in support of Power To Be

We are a strong believer in the power of partnership and know that great things are possible when people work together. That’s where you come in. Every dollar raised has lasting impact in our community and we are grateful for the creativity people bring to third-party fundraisers in support of Power To Be.

What is third party fundraising?

Third party fundraisers are an event or initiative organized by an individual, company, or community organization that is not an official Power To Be event but benefits Power To Be participants. Acting independently and with Power To Be approval, third party fundraisers are an important resource for raising funds and increasing awareness of the organization.

How does it help?

Community connection is at the core of what we do and you can play an important role in strengthening that by organizing a third-party fundraiser in support of Power To Be. These events and initiatives are a great way to broaden our support base, increase awareness about the opportunities we offer, and inspire people within your own network to support something you are passionate about.

How to get started

We are in the business of supporting people and that includes to you! From helping you form your initial idea to supporting your planning and donor follow up, we look forward to working with you in support of Power To Be.

  1. Fill out an Information Request Form.
  2. Wait for a Power To be staff member to connect with you.
  3. Refer to the resource materials below for further support.

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Challenge Ideas

Get creative with your own skills or the skills of people you know. Do you have car washing skills? Are you handy at DIY? Are you creative or artistic? Showcase your talents for donations!

Percentage of Sales

Are you a business owner or service provider or know someone who is? Make Power To Be your feature charity and donate a percentage of your sales for a week, a month, or for the entire year!

Run a Bottle Drive

What if you collected cans/bottles from all your friends’ recycling and created your own quick bottle drive? The Bottle Depot loves to support your fundraising – check out your local  Bottle Drive Tips Page and scroll to the bottom to view some specific tips on fundraising. Power To Be has accounts set up at the following depots – 4261 Glanford Ave / 655 Queens Ave / 3961 Quadra St. Just let them know the return is for Power To Be!

Leverage Your Networks

We’ve created a solicitation letter template that you can use to reach out to your networks. We would be happy to provide you with more information if you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out for support in your asks!

Matching Gifts

Many companies offer donation matching to their employees. Contact your HR department to see whether they will match any of your fundraising.

Office Party or Birthday Fundraiser

Gather your closest co-workers, friends, or family for a celebration and use this opportunity to share about Power To Be’s impact with your network and encourage donations as a party token or birthday gift. You can set up a fundraising page through Canada Helps for donations to go directly to Power To Be.

Raffle, Draws and 50/50

Got an awesome item or experience you could hold a draw and sell raffle tickets for? Have ticket sales go to support Power To Be programs and make a difference in our community! Please review Gaming-Ideas-and-Rules-Around-Fundraising.pdf ( for more information about required gaming licenses.

Get Inspired!

Check out some of the events that have been held in the past to support Power To Be!

Payback with Purpose: Train the Trainer

Innovative Fitness’s Train the Trainer event is the ultimate opportunity to get back at your trainer while making a difference in your community. The fun-filled event leaves a legacy piece in the community for Innovative Fitness and allows them to show their support for a charity that aligns with their values of health, inclusion, and fun.

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A New Adventure for a Good Cause

Liam Zahara is an avid outdoor enthusiast, with a strong connection to Power To Be. He has been involved with Power To Be’s Fundraising Committee and past events. Using his adventures to support a good cause, Liam will be riding from his grandparent’s farm in Northern Alberta (Culp AB) to Bowen Island, a passage between both sides of his family and two of his favourite places.

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Camosun College Fundraiser: It's A-Boat Time!

Students from Camosun College's Hospitality Management program fundraised for Power To Be with purpose and passion. They organized an evening of luxury with a wilderness boat tour, a three-course meal and a silent auction.

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“It is the one program that is of no financial barrier to me and I get to explore the abilities I didn’t know I had through nature. I thank all of the people who put their energy into the program, and also the donors that donate their money … because now we have lots of other opportunities to enjoy nature.”