Community plays an important role in staying engaged and connected right now. Although spending time physically together may be limited, remember to reach out to those in your community however you can. 

One of the biggest things that Power To Be provides on an ongoing basis in a strong sense of community. Whether its participants, volunteer, staff, donors, or supporters, this network of individuals are all passionate about inclusion and belonging. 

As we all face our own unique challenges, we are introduced to new barriers, such as a lack of accessibility of services and places, an absence of physical interactions, and a feeling of social isolation. While these barriers will be temporary for most, some of the participants that Power To Be supports face these barriers on a daily basis and will continue to after this time passes. Power To Be supports those facing a barrier by fostering an inclusive, engaged community that is grounded in shared experience and shared values of connection, nature, and belonging. 

During this time, We have launched a new campaign called #ItMatters to engage our participants and community remotely. Going forward we will be sharing fun activities, videos, and resources to ensure that you continue to feel connected to your community, nature, and Power To Be. Keep an eye out for these resources on our Facebook page or access them at 

The importance of investing time in relationships with the people and the environment that surround us has never been more meaningful. Spreading positivity and engaging with your community can really make a difference right now. One of Power To Be’s participants, Adam, is on a constant mission to brighten another’s day with his sense of humour, huge smile, colourful outfits, and outpouring of kindness. Community has always meant a lot to Adam, especially now.

“Staying connected with the community is super important to me. When we connect it can help one feel that they are valued, and that they are accepted and respected for who they are. We can still listen and hear one another through social media, or by phone (call or text). Those are things that won’t ever go away as they are important for humans, and it’s how we can connect when we aren’t able to be physically around one another.

 Humans are a “pack species”; I know for myself I need to have a community, a village of people around me, because by being with others, and seeing others happy, makes me feel at peace even during this difficult time. So, I thank everyone who has reached out to connect with me, and who has connected with many others. We are one.”

Participate in the activities Power To Be is offering remotely and see what others are doing to keep connection going during this time.