Power To Be hosts two practicum students from the Czech Republic

That memory is one of many that come to mind as she reflects on her practicum experience with Power To Be, which brought her from Prerov, Czech Republic to Victoria with her husband Michal Petrová. Together they spent seven weeks with Power To Be. The experience – two years in the making – has inspired them to bring more adaptive nature-based recreation programs to their own community. 

“It is amazing to take people to nature,” Lucie says. “You can offer things that maybe someone could do before and can now do again, or something they have never done before.”

“Nature is the best teacher,” Michal adds. “You can feel it – it’s our home. That is why we should go there to find ourselves and to find a way of living.”


Lucie and Michal’s path first crossed with Power To Be at the 2012 International Adventure Therapy Conference, where Power To Be staff Carinna Kenigsberg and Megan Millar were presenters. 

“Our session highlighted adaptive recreation and Power To Be, as well as how you can connect to community groups and agencies to better fulfil your mandate,” Carinna says, noting that means looking for ways to share resources and extend the reach of programming. 

The subject matter caught Lucie’s attention, as she is a PhD student in the Department of Adapted Physical Activity, at Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Michal is a teacher at the university, in the field of experiential education. 

With lessons in fundraising to volunteer support and program design, their time with Power To Be has re-inspired their work at home, the couple agrees.  

“I learned different perspectives for programs,” Michal says, noting his programs are very scheduled. “Here you are more open and let the participants enjoy themselves and find their own way. I want to find the balance between these two things.”

While not the first international practicum students Power To Be has hosted, it was the longest in duration (the hours they contributed are equal to about two months worth of work). For Power To Be, the value of that investment by practicum students cannot be understated, Carinna says. 

“When students come it refreshes us each time to be better and better at what we do. From behind the scenes in orientation to really believing in our values and teaching it in a way that makes it live,” Carinna says. “It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. The more people know about us, the more the Power To Be way will step forward.”

The Power To Be team wants to extend a big thank you to Lucie and Michal for sharing their time and learning alongside us.

– Story shared by Lucie and Michal Petrová