As the founder of Power To Be, there have been a number of people who have inspired me through their acts and accomplishments over the years. But, at the top of that list I find Ted Rogers, whose life work and commitment to family set my aspirations and belief in what is possible on fire.

When you hear the name Ted Rogers, or even simply “Rogers,” your mind may immediately reply, “Arena,” “Communications,” “Blue Jays,” “Ted Rogers School of Management” and “Canadian Icon.”

When you look up Ted Rogers, or Edward Samuel Rogers Jr., as he was named, you meet a staggering list of accomplishments including pioneering the use of FM, and the establishment of Rogers Communications, which was the first company in Canada to offer high-speed Internet and cellular services across North America. His accolades include receiving the Order of Canada, being inducted into the Canadian Business Hall of Fame as well as into the Canadian Associate of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Ted Rogers’ and his spouse Loretta’s generous commitment to philanthropy focused on children, education, health and environmentalism earned them the Outstanding Philanthropist of the Year Award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals in 2002.

But let’s go beyond the titles, the awards, the fame, the admiration and the awe. Look at where Ted Rogers focused his vision, his determination and countless hours. There is a raw sense of a profound dedication to facilitating people communicating, learning, and ultimately to helping people succeed. He could have focused that energy and acumen on anything and been wildly prosperous. But Ted’s curiosity and drive honed in on what might be possible, what would be useful and innovative. All of his business accomplishments furthered other peoples’ success.  It is humbling.

Ted Rogers passed away on Dec 2, 2008. Much like returning to your hometown and smiling at that one ancient tree that will always be there, a touchstone and proof of the passage of time, so lives on Ted Rogers’ legacy, in the hometown that is Canada, in all of his endeavours.

Power To Be, in our mission to supporting youth, adults and families with barriers to explore their limitless abilities in nature has been honoured with the faith and generosity of the Rogers Family. We are proud to be a branch in the ever enduring and thriving legacy of Ted Rogers. He was a visionary, compelled and unafraid of the unknown.

As Power To Be begins its ascent to a new summit of making nature accessible to all, with the incredible grounds of our first permanent site, with the vision of a national centre for accessibility and education, truly our own unknown, I am continually inspired and strengthened by Ted Rogers “who just had limitless imagination in terms of what was possible.”

– Story shared by Tim Cormode, Power To Be founder and Executive Director

We dedicate this post to Ted Rogers and his family (1933-2008).