Top 2015 Power To Play Vancouver fundraisers connect to nature

As far as local charities go, Power To Be is very fortunate to have an amazing community that supports our mission. Every once in a while we get the opportunity to show a small token of our appreciation by giving back some of the incredible outdoor experiences they help provide our participants throughout the year.

This spring, in partnership with Long Beach Lodge, we brought up a group of our all-star Vancouver-based fundraisers who helped Power To Play Vancouver raise $245,000 last year. The group, which consisted of Cassels Brock Lawyers, RBC Capital Markets, Goldcorp, Lululemon and Sandstorm Gold, had the opportunity to shed their office attire for wetsuits and a surf session.


In the same way we connect our participants to nature in the spirit of outdoor recreation, our surf weekend connected those who support us in an equally important way. The entire group had the chance to let whatever else was going on in their lives and careers wash away with the surf, and truly connected with the power of the moment.

We are extremely thankful to Long Beach Lodge for supporting the group, and to the amazing individuals who make our work possible!

Learn more about this year’s Power To Play events in Victoria, Sunday, May 29 and Vancouver, Thursday, Sept. 22.