Are you looking for an easy, accessible, and fun-filled activity? Nature is providing us with a free show this week.  Stargazers are in for a treat this week as the Perseid meteor shower is expected to dazzle the night’s sky. The Perseid meteor shower is an annual event occurring around mid-July to late August. This year’s astronomical event will reach its peak between August 9th-15th. Grab a blanket, get comfortable and escape the city to enjoy an optimal viewing experience, as light pollution can drown out the event. With a clear weather forecast and the current waxing crescent phase of the moon cycle, the night sky is poised to put on a show for stargazing enthusiasts. Once you’ve escaped any potential light pollution, all you need to enjoy this spectacular event is a comfortable setting, wide eyes, and patience. Additionally, a cup of coffee may assist with your viewing as the peak hours continue throughout the night (for any junior stargazers, a cup of hot chocolate will suffice).

Did you know, meteors are often referred to as “shooting stars” but they actually come from bits of debris in space that hit Earth’s atmosphere and burn up? Perseid meteor showers are named after the constellation Perseus because the directional origin of the shower appears from the constellation. Known to be one of the most active and brightest meteor showers of the year, it’s estimated that anywhere from 60 to 100 meteors an hour will appear when viewing from a dark setting. This naturally occurring event offers fun for the whole family or anyone wishing to join in on the experience. It’s recommended that you avoid looking at your phone so your eyes can fully adjust to the darkness, thus increasing your viewing experience by fully submerging yourself in nature. If you miss out on the “peak” of the shower, do not worry, as this event will continue to offer increased astrological activity until late August.

Now relax, kick back, and enjoy the show!


Photo credit in gallery order: Ryan Jacobson, Nick Iliasov, Fernando Rodriguez, and Prokhor Minin.

This blog post was written by Rory, Power To Be‘s Marketing & Communications Placement Volunteer. Growing up on Coast Salish Territory, Rory enjoys spending his time on the ocean, and exploring our coastal forests. He is currently in his final year of his Bachelor of Art in Professional Communication program through Royal Roads University.