Sylvia’s role is the heartbeat of our programs. She pumps life, perspective, talent, and practice into all areas she connects to and makes us stronger as a whole. She is the Youth and Families Adventure Lead and is the go to for many in our programs and in our organization. Sylvia has been with Power To Be for over 8 years and during that time has taken on a few different roles. From managing people, trainings, groups, and being a community leader on collectives and committees, Sylvia brings her incredible natural ability to forming relationships with her everywhere. Whether it be in a forest, on a beach, in a classroom or on a screen, she always makes people feel a sense of warmth and unconditional care. From doing a one to one with a youth rain or shine, to celebrating milestones with parents about their kids, being there for any of our participants during tough transitions, she is there. Stable, consistent, loving, and would drop anything for the people in our community.

“It’s her passion for the people she serves; that’s her unique way of strengthening our programs. I have never worked alongside anyone with the same level of passion and dedication to the people in our community that Sylvia has. The time and work Sylvia puts in to do her absolute best to make sure no one slips through the cracks is both humbling and inspiring. And through all of that work, and all of us who she inspires in that work, our programs become so much stronger.” – Mike Milner, Power To Be Program Facilitator

“Sylvia Storry is the kelp forest to the broader ocean that is Power To Be. She provides a nutrient rich, safe and fulfilling habitat for coworkers and participants to grow and learn. As a kelp forest protects the diverse species who call it home by creating a safe haven in which predators have trouble accessing, Sylvia supports diversity in our community by creating a safe and informed space for everyone and challenges people who threaten those under her wing. Where kelp plays a vital role in the health of our oceans, Sylvia is a key figure in the overall success of the work that Power To Be does.” – Myah Rach-Sharpe, Power To Be Program Facilitator

Thank you Sylvia for all that you bring and all that you give to the Power To Be Community!


This blog was written by Power To Be‘s Carinna Kenigsberg, Myah Rach-Sharpe, and Mike Milner.