Pāora Tangira truly has a way with words, and with people. Pāora joined the Power To Be team in 2016 and has made his mark at Prospect Lake and within the organization. Born and raised in New Zealand, Pāora has a deep respect for local First Nations and is a huge advocate for and connector to First Nation Communities through his own Māori culture. A leader by example in so many ways, Pāora is a master of the growth and groan zones, and he knows how much he is willing to push himself and where his boundaries are. An adventurer at heart, he has explored every square inch of Pq̕áls.

Pāora is never afraid to be the first to share during an opening circle, setting a positive tone and sharing insightful intentions before each and every program. He is always willing to strike up a deep conversation and bring new creative ideas to the table. A top tier storyteller, and dad-joke extraordinaire, Pāora is a connected member of the team, who many consider to be the ‘Jester’ of the group as he is always down to play and be silly.

Pāora is incredibly calm and compassionate with participants, and ALWAYS takes the time to be sure they are comfortable (physically and mentally) before beginning a program. He continuously delves deep into the needs of the participants and the community and has built a wealth of trust with them.



Thank you Pāora for everything you bring and everything you give to Power To Be!

This blog was written by Em McFarland Oliemans, Power To Be’s Open Adventures Lead, and Paul Blood, Power To Be Program Facilitator.