Manue is a member of the Program Team in Vancouver and has been bringing her passion for the Power To Be community since 2017. Manue’s ability to connect with those around her is unrivaled and she is persistent in ensuring every voice is heard. Always putting participants at the heart of her practice, Manue is constantly finding ways to improve Power To Be’s program offerings.

In Manue’s day to day, she has admirable tenacity and an incredible ability to organize and see so many aspects and details of a system or project. Manue is a passionate advocate who is nimble and always ready for the next thing. Her person-centered approach develops deep connections with participants, co-workers, and volunteers alike. From board games, to campfire stories, to time on the trail, she forms an authentic connection with everyone around her. A good snapshot of Manue is to listen to her answer to the closing circle question after every program. You can always rely on her to enthusiastically declare that her favourite part of the program was the great conversations she got have with those around her.

Manue, you have a huge heart and your devotion to the PTB community is inspiring. Thank you for always making Power To Be a welcoming and safe space. Merci pour ton ouverture d’esprit!