Joining the Power To Be team in 2019, Liz has brought immense value to the organization through her passion, creativity, and magnetic personality. Growing up in the Comox Valley, Liz has a deep sense of connection to the natural world around her and enjoys a plethora of outdoor activities including mountain biking, trail running, hiking, and skiing. As an outdoor-enthusiast herself, Liz loves getting out on program and experiencing first-hand the impact that our programs can have on our community.

As Power To Be’s Advancement Lead, Liz is truly connected to the Power To Be vision. She is always seeking new funding opportunities to elevate our program impact and making connections between people, places, and our purpose. On any given day, you’ll find Liz involved in everything and anything related to Power To Be, whether she’s racing in Power To Summit, providing support on a program, giving tours at our Prospect Lake site, writing grant proposals, or providing tech support, Liz is committed to ensuring Power To Be’s success.

Always up for a new challenge, Liz models living life to the fullest and saying YES to new adventures. We look forward to following her successes both at work and on the trails. Thank you Liz for all that do in support of Power To Be!