by Jasmine Parr, Community Engagement Specialist

Meet Graham, a multi-talented adventurer, experienced outdoor guide, instructor, and passionate advocate for accessible outdoor experiences.

In his role as Training and Facilitation Lead, Graham finds immense fulfillment in sharing his skills with others. As participants, staff, and volunteers come together to explore their own skills, relationships with nature, themselves, and the community, Graham is right there, soaking up every moment. His passion for connecting people with the outdoors is infectious, and his enthusiasm inspires those around him to embrace the beauty of their surroundings.

Beyond his everyday persona, there are some lesser-known facts about him that add to his charm. Did you know that Graham is not just a regular outdoor enthusiast, but also a musician? He can (somewhat) effortlessly switch between multiple musical instruments, and one of his bands even has a sample of tracks on Spotify! However, Graham humbly admits that singing might not be his strongest suit. Nonetheless, his musical endeavors reflect his diverse and creative spirit.

But what truly brings him joy is exploring nature alongside his partner and their furry companion, their trusty dog Luna. With skis, mountain bikes, or a boat in tow, they embark on unforgettable adventures together. And of course, those that know him know that no outdoor excursion with Graham is complete without coffee. Picture Graham, sipping his morning brew by the waterside, watching the fog lift under the warm embrace of the sun. It’s a scene that’s truly unbeatable and sets the perfect tone for his outdoor escapades.

Graham takes great pride in his role in the efforts of Power To Be to support other outdoor-based organizations and service providers in enhancing their accessibility and inclusivity. By actively engaging with these organizations, Power To Be is fostering a community that prioritizes accessibility and ensures that everyone has the opportunity to experience the joys of the great outdoors. Graham’s dedication to this cause is commendable, and it exemplifies his commitment to making outdoor adventures accessible to all.

So, the next time you find yourself embarking on an outdoor journey, keep an eye out for Graham. You might spot him strumming a guitar or expertly guiding a group through thrilling rapids. But beyond his musical and outdoor prowess, he’s a warm and welcoming companion, always ready to share in the wonders of nature and create lasting memories with those around him. Graham is a true testament to the joy and fulfillment that can be found when we embrace the great outdoors and the inclusive spirit that accompanies it.