Em is a passionate and multi-talented member of our team who is making a difference in the lives of others through her work as Power To Be’s Program Lead.

When asked why she loves her role, Em answered with one word “JOY!” “I talk to a lot of friends who are in similar stages of their careers, and no one gets to vicariously experience someone else’s joy like I do. Nothing is better than hearing laughter, seeing smiles, and feeling good vibes on programs. We are given a unique opportunity to spread joy in our work, and it’s definitely something real special.”

Em’s passion for joy is not limited to her work; she loves spending time with her favourite humans and unlucky black cat Nova and performing on stage. Her incredible talent for theatre, music, and public speaking has led her to be involved in 2 films and over 30 stage productions in various roles, including acting, voiceover, directing, special effects, make-up artistry, and wardrobe design.

She has been known to break out into a musical number on cue. Hamilton anyone?

Em describes herself as plus-sized and proud, and acknowledges that there are not many big girls in the outdoor industry. She wants to encourage others to embrace their bodies and feel confident in their own skin. It is important to Em that others can see themselves in this line of work.

As someone who encourages participants to step out of their comfort zones every day, she realized that she, too, needed to push her boundaries aggressively and more often. This led her to learn to ski in her late twenties, a feat that she is extremely proud of, and she now spends as many days as possible each season on the mountain.

Em is not afraid to talk about her disabilities and chronic conditions, including Rheumatoid Arthritis and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. She understands firsthand the struggles that participants may face and is able to empathize with them, providing support and encouragement whenever needed.

Her commitment to spreading joy, stepping out of her comfort zone, and embracing who she is, is truly moving the inclusion movement forward. Em is living the vision that everyone belongs in nature.