Wear-er of many hats and an immense knowledge holder, Danica is a top-notch organizer at Power To Be. As Power To Be’s Systems & Projects Lead she has the incredible ability to keep our organization on track and moving forward while genuinely looking out for everyone at both an organizational and individual level. A powerhouse to be reckoned with, Danica applies the perfect balance of both focus and fun in all that she does.

When Danica started at Power To Be she hit the ground running with impeccable organization and bright energy to solve complex problems and tackle projects efficiently. Danica embraced the many projects that came her way with intelligence and ease while always adding her own personal flair! As she expanded through the organization into various roles growing into the natural leader that she is, it became clear that she has always been very dedicated and passionate about the work that is done at Power To Be.

Danica has always made sure to attend programs frequently to connect back to the mission as the backdrop and fuel of her work in the operational/administrative internal world at Power To Be. Danica has an innate ability to see things from a broad perspective and grow through complexities that may come her way. She will not shy away from a challenge, yet will seek them out for growth opportunities and will step up to the plate with confidence when taking on something new. She has shown steadfast support for everyone on the internal team through essential and consistent behind the scenes work such as payroll and employee benefits, significant organizational projects like our basecamp development as well as taking on internal lead roles for signature fundraising events. Through these roles, you can always count on Danica to bring passion, excitement, and detailed execution!

Beyond being a project management and administrative rockstar, Danica has a unique and compelling trait and that is to remain solutions focused. She is consistently looking at new ways to think outside the box and develop herself personally and professionally. She is an admired and deeply respected individual among the Power To Be team and we are grateful not only for her essential skills but her humour and her ability to light up a room! 

Thank you Danica for all the organization, commitment, and fun that you bring to Power To Be!

“I admire her unwavering positive attitude and focus to get the job done.”

Brian Monaghan, Director of Facilities and Assets, Power To Be

This blog was written by Kendal Wright and Ashleigh Hawes, Power To Be’s People & Culture Lead and Volunteer & Impact Coordinator.