Clay started working at Power to Be in 2011 and since then has been integral to both our adaptive recreation and wilderness school programs. Now as the Head of Program Risk and Training in Victoria, Clay oversees the necessary training our staff needs to deliver stellar programs and continuously assess our program risk and quality so we can continue to be innovative members of the adaptive recreation community.

Growing up in Brentwood Bay Clay’s passion for the outdoors started as a young child and since then has only grown. From the peaks of mountains to the peaks of waves, you can be sure to find Clay cycling on gravel, trail running up mountains and surfing and paddling in the Pacific waters of Vancouver Island. Simple exploring isn’t enough for Clay, who is consistently pushing his physical limits to greater and greater facets. A loose explanation of a couple of these endeavors in no particular order are as follows: a 21-hour bike ride around Uvic’s ring road, riding up and down the observatory hill in order to bike the height of Everest (8,848 meters), running the Juan de Fuca trail and West Coast trail (multiple times) and biking to Tofino from Victoria (for fun).

I have had the privilege to run many trips with Clay and have learned a few key lessons from my experience.

  1. Connection is the most important part of our work, both connection to each other and connection to place. This connection creates a sense of belonging that is so important for both the group and as a human in the natural world.
  2. There is always more to explore, even if you have been somewhere already, there is always more to learn and see.
  3. Bring a lot of coffee, you’ll need it to keep up with Clay.

Clay’s passion for getting out in nature is unparalleled. He continues to be an incredible asset to Power To Be as well as the broader community, as he is forever encouraging others to push their limits and explore what they are capable of in the great outdoors.


This blog post was written by Michelle Zimmer, a passionate and dedicated Program Facilitator at Power To Be. Michelle has certifications in sea kayaking, SUP board instruction, lifeguarding and wilderness first aid.