This blog was written by Jasmine Parr, Power To Be’s Community Engagement Specialist.

In the bustling summer months of programs and services at Power To Be, when the needs of our community can sometimes seem overwhelming and answers sometimes elusive, there emerges a guiding light, a beacon of wisdom and warmth that goes by the name Carinna.

My history with Power To Be and Carinna in particular spans the full 16 years she’s been with the organization and to me they are synonymous. She has been an integral part of my journey back to adventure. To me, Carinna is not just a leader, a colleague, a teacher, or a friend; she’s an embodiment of dedication, compassion, and knowledge, a true force of nature that has enriched everyone in the Power To Be community immeasurably.

Carinna Kenigsberg has worked every role during her time with Power To Be, volunteer, program facilitator, program manager, and in her current role as Director of Programs and Impact, you will still see her doing the grunt work cleaning boats alongside her team.

So to celebrate the profound impact she has made, I reached out to a few of our colleagues and from their elegant words it is evident that she has touched lives in ways we may never fully articulate.

Program Lead Em beautifully captures the essence of Carinna: “I get asked a lot of questions, and while often I know the answer, whenever I don’t, I find myself saying ‘that’s a Carinna thing.’ SO MANY THINGS are ‘Carinna Things’ simply because she carries so much knowledge and wears so many hats.” But Carinna doesn’t just excel at work; she has masterfully woven the threads of work and family into a beautiful tapestry. Em continues, “Her work ethic is inspiring, and the way that she balances her work and her family is truly impressive. Her warm and compassionate aura makes people want to be around her. I can’t possibly sum up everything that she has taught me, and helped me to learn”

Kendal, People Operations Lead, describes how Carinna’s intentional collaboration with the community has led to Power To Be’s growth. “Carinna lives and breathes the heart of what we do. From day one, she always understood that our impact would be strengthened by the collective – championing and highlighting the importance of our partnerships and community connections.”

Her dedication to forging partnerships and nurturing community ties has amplified the organization’s impact, making it stronger and more far-reaching than ever.

Kendal continues “She leads with her heart and has been an incredible support, mentor and guide for countless staff, volunteers and participants. We are grateful for her service over the past 16 years and all that she has contributed to Power To Be over the years, that which is really too great to be put into words.”

Her warm and compassionate aura draws people in, creating an environment where everyone feels valued, supported, and cherished. Transforming individuals into empowered members of the community.

It is fitting that as we celebrate Power To Be’s 25th anniversary, we end with a word from our Founder, Tim Cormode, who describes Carinna as, “Invested fully with her heart, her energy and passion. A super fan of Power To Be who leads by example. I have had the pleasure to work with her for over 15 years and just maybe she will supersede my 25. Go for it Carinna! Thanks for being a difference maker!”