Lover of nature, Christmas, and chocolate, Ashley Dueck is one of a kind! As the Director of Systems and Communications at Power To Be, Ashley is always at the top of her game to ensure that any idea big or small is brought to life.

Whether it’s determining organizational goals, organizing events, or brainstorming Power To Be’s next cool thing, Ashley is constantly prepared and brimming with creative and insightful ideas. A natural problem solver, she has the incredible ability to think outside the box and identify the best courses of action to reach shared goals. She knows how to push her team to achieve great things with gentle encouragement and has a humble approach to getting the job done. She is a natural teacher, and her trusting leadership style leaves her team feeling engaged and supported.

Ashley balances her organized, strategic mindset with her fun-loving, open-hearted personality, resulting in an absolute powerhouse of a person who everyone learns from daily. Bringing enthusiasm and energy to every project, Ashley’s passion for nature and inclusion shines through in everything she does. With a big smile, you can always count on Ashley to form lasting impressions and connections with everyone she meets, whether it be staff, volunteers, participants, and supporters. Thank you Ashley for all that you bring to Power To Be!