During the holiday season, the Power To Be team, with donations from local supports, had a lot of fun making some pretty neat holiday dreams come true! In Victoria, we focused our efforts on folks who are caring for others and participants who could use some light in their lives. We created opportunities for families to spend time together with staycations and COVID-friendly activities. In Vancouver, we focused on supporting folks with accessing services and items to make life in a pandemic more manageable. We supported locally owned or island owned businesses and we worked to create opportunities to shine some light in the lives of folks who have been especially hard hit by the pandemic.

This year we recognized that some of our community partner organizations were hard hit with funding deficits and staffing struggles. We decided to spread the love to them and provided their staff teams and participants with local gift cards for meals, health and wellness services, and fun! Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s Holiday Hamper project a great success!