Wilderness School explores Horne Lake Caves and gives back

The Year 2 Wilderness School cohort set out to explore the depths of Vancouver Island on Feb. 21-22. At only 500-kilometres long, Vancouver Island is home to more caves than all other Canadian provinces combined, making it the region with the highest cave concentration in North America.

With the help of the experienced cave guides at Horne Lake Caves & Outdoor Centre, the group learned about the karst landscapes and environmental factors that shape these caves.

Then armed with helmets and headlamps the group descended into the darkness, illuminating the beauty and mystery of the crystal-like world of calcite below.

The time the group spent above ground was also well utilized; the group completed a service project for Horne Lake by maintaining a trail last year’s cohort had helped create and transplanting some ferns to help protect an area that was getting trampled.

When not caving or volunteering their time, the youth spent their time exploring the shores of Horne Lake and honing in their camp craft skills with fire building, tarping and white gas stove use.

– Story shared by Clayton Webb, Wilderness School curriculum coordinator