Liam Zahara is racing to support Power To Be

Liam Zahara, a member of our Vancouver Fundraising Committee, a Power To Play racer, and an advocate of our mission, is challenging himself in the Sinister 7 Ultra this July. Read below to see what he has to say about this exciting mental and physical journey and how he’s connecting it to Power To Be.

“I am super excited and a little intimidated to share that I’ve challenged myself to run the Sinister 7 Ultra this coming July and that I’m teaming up with Power To Be.

I started running as a physical test of endurance, but was then drawn to the mental aspects, both of which challenge me to my highest level. I love that running provides the ability to disconnect from everyday stresses, where I can spend hours thinking about only where to step next. In this space I can explore the outdoors, find hidden viewpoints and connect with myself or running partners. I am grateful for the opportunity to explore nature in this way and for my body’s ability to push my limits.

Power To Be inspires me through their actions and mission; ‘to empower people living with a barrier or disability to explore their limitless abilities, through inclusive adventures rooted in nature’. I am able to deeply relate to the concept of exploring nature and feeling empowered to overcome my limits. I am motivated by people who find the strength to push themselves past their ‘believed’ limits, whether that person runs 5 km or 100 miles – it makes me proud to see them accomplish a goal. I believe everyone is capable of so much more than they allow themselves to believe. With determination, positive self-talk, support from others, and a little bit of discomfort, new levels are attainable. By running this race I am attempting to do exactly that, push myself through levels of discomfort and insecurities. Power To Be takes the same actions with their programs and that is so empowering.

You might be wondering what this race is all about? Sinister 7 is an ultramarathon in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. How hard is this race? Last year 268 solo runners registered, 32 did not start, 86 finished and 150 did not finish.


  • 100 miles/ 161 km long
  • Elevation gain of 6,321 meters and loss of 6,218 meters
  • Must complete all 100 miles in no more than 30 hours total

I encourage everyone to push their own limits and learn more about how Power To Be is helping their participants do so. You too will be inspired by the inclusive, supportive opportunities that Power To Be provides for people living with barriers! Let’s make a difference together. “

To learn more about Liam’s journey, you can follow him on Facebook or visit his Canada Helps page in support of Power To Be.