Vancouver participant shares memories from Lighthouse Park

My friends and family really enjoy hiking. I’ve always wished I could join them on the more interesting, difficult trails rather than being left behind while the majority of the group gets to go to some amazing view points. Occasionally I can go with them on easy trails, but I never thought I would reach the top like I did with Power To Be thanks to the use of a TrailRider. It was breathtaking!

2050928-lighthouse park trailrider 2

Whether we were going uphill, plotting a route through narrow rocky trails surrounded by majestic trees and lush foliage, or going down 20 stairs with challenging corners to navigate, I always felt safe, allowing me to enjoy being in the moment.

2050928-lighthouse park trailrider 3

Some people think this can’t be done. Even I wondered if I would be able to enjoy the breathtaking views I saw on the Internet. I have a significant disability and this experience like no other broadened my perspective and confidence of what I am able to do. The greatest barriers are the ones we create. This incredible experience certainly didn’t end that day as it left me with enduring senses of jubilation, tranquility, accomplishment and memories that will last my lifetime.

2050928-lighthouse park trailrider 4

My heartfelt thank you to Power To Be’s Vancouver team and the sponsors for making this wonderful experience with my husband possible. The day was a true reminder that the best things in life are not things.

– Story shared by Kim Vlchek-Egger, participant