Sometimes with a collaboration, all the moving pieces fit perfectly together, to create something truly beautiful. Which is exactly what happened when a Power To Be participant had the opportunity to design an important art piece for Sandpiper.

Sandpiper is a private equity firm based in Vancouver that values both creativity and inclusion. To recognize and give thanks to their partners, Sandpiper sends an annual holiday card, featuring a local artist’s work on the front of the card.

Navdeep Gill, Chief Financial Officer at Sandpiper has been a long-time supporter of Power To Be, and currently sits on our Audit & Finance committee. Last year, when the holiday season came around, one of Navdeep’s colleagues had the wonderful idea to commission an artist that represented someone with diverse needs and Navdeep then reached out to Power To Be, to see if one of our many creative participants had interest in designing an art piece for the card.

This is when Power To Be participant, Adam, stepped up with boundless enthusiasm and offered his artistic talent to support the project.

The commission has a different annual theme that is meant to reflect Sandpiper’s focus and values of the year. For 2021, the theme was ‘connection’. Adam was very committed to the assignment and really took pride in it. He uniquely designed the card depicting two sandpipers looking at each other on a beach and titled it “the connected sandpiper”. The design really resonated with what Sandpiper had hoped to showcase with the card, and they found the perfect quote to accompany the piece: “Individually we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean” – Ryunosuke Satoro.

The manner in which the project was carried out was an excellent model for others working with people with diverse needs. Sandpiper took the time to ensure that the process was facilitated with the artist’s best interests in mind and catered to their learning and communication style, checking in at each step of the way. In addition to a generous donation, Sandpiper also offered a market value honorarium to Adam, and he was fully credited on the card alongside his artwork, an exciting achievement indeed!

The respectful process obviously paid off. The feedback that Sandpiper has gotten about the card was amazing, some claiming that it was their “best card yet”!

As Navdeep stated, “diversity and inclusion seems to be unconsciously embedded into everything we do at Sandpiper, so this collaboration just felt like a perfect fit.” Power To Be loves to collaborate within our community and connect people to new opportunities. Thank you, Sandpiper for including us in this amazing project!