Ride for the Future is a 500km bicycle ride that raised over $50,000 in support of our programs. The ride was completed by four riders, with two of them riding over two days (sub 36 hours) and two of them riding straight through the night and completing it in under 24 hours. Each rider had their own deep-rooted, personal reason for completing the journey of training, fundraising, and riding, and each will tell you it was both one of the most challenging things they have ever done as well as one of the most rewarding. Power To Be is so grateful for these individuals for their dedication to our cause.

This year marked the 5th anniversary for this ride and its 2nd year supporting Power To Be. The ride was started by Innovative Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer Ryley Carter and was sparked by his passion to support physical literacyRider Alexi Argyiou explained the drive behind participating in Ride for the Future, “when first asked to participate in Ride for the Future I was quick to say no as soon as I heard what was entailed, 500km, 36hrs, months of training and fundraising obligations. Although, with Ryley’s persistence I finally agreed to the ride. Soon after, we met with Jodi, and she gave a speech explaining Power To Be followed by having us watch a few short videos. Now, having a clear idea of exactly what Power To Be is about, its easy to understand why Ryley, Marcus, Tyler, and Jodi are so passionate and fired up about Ride for the Future.”

Aligned with Power To Be’s vision, each rider believes that physical activity and time outdoors is paramount to health and happiness. We asked Tyler Kraft, one of the 24-hour riders why he would put himself through all of the training and the ride, and he enthusiastically replied, “my health and longevity and being the best for the people around me. I also find peace in nature and it is a great way to manage stress and reset my mind.”

When asked why he believes supporting Power To Be is so important, Ryley Carter stated that it is important to “raise awareness for those who do not have the ability to enjoy nature or activity so easily. We’re so fortunate to have able bodies and can use them willingly.”

This group is dedicated to growing this ride to be a more inclusive space for people to come and explore what is possible. If you would like to learn more about this ride, please get in touch with Power To Be and stay tuned for updates on what this ride looks like for 2020!  

This blog post was written by Jodi Gaiser, Power To Be‘s Advancement Associate. Jodi is passionate about connecting people with nature and finding new opportunities to share our vision and mission.