In the relatively short time Power To Be has called Prospect Lake home, the natural space it encompasses has changed dramatically. From what was once a manicured golf course, plants, animals, and a sense of wild has flourished exponentially and reclaimed the land around us. This patch of wilderness has helped us access the outdoors while we learn and connect with each other. These experiences help us to grow, and as we do, the site grows and changes too. The way the land is used by us humans who spend so much time there, has affected the way it looks, sounds, and feels. Although I haven’t been working in this space for very long, during the time I’ve spent at Power To Be’s Prospect Lake site, I’ve seen more than just a transition between seasons. The natural foliage has grown and spread, as outdoor adventures have become greater in scope and number.

Adventuring on this land during our programs has been an immense privilege for all of us, and in return, we have done what we can to steward the growth of this beautiful area. We all benefit from magic of nature. While our actions have been carefully considered, the change has been bold and extraordinary (as nature always is).

We have planted new trees on site, and preserved old ones for woodpeckers to live in. The addition of a bat house, owl houses, barn swallow ledges, a butterfly garden and turtle logs have allowed new animal friends to thrive. Other wild creatures have flourished as the land recovers too. On a walk, one might see: deer, rabbits, frogs, lizards, otters, fish, and just about any type of bird you can imagine. Migratory birds return as old friends to a place that grew more beautiful and more suitable for survival while they were away.

A reduction in driving by 20% per year has become possible by having our programs at a centralized location, and we’ve made changes to lighting and irrigation in order to reduce our environmental impact. In addition, a new set of trails for a wide range of abilities has been developed. These provide access to the natural wonders of Prospect Lake to a much wider range of people than previous years.

While I take great pride in seeing all of these amazing projects come to life, one of the best things we have done for this land is left it alone. We have always adopted a “leave no trace” principle. As a result, this place is truly becoming wild again.

Nature has an incredible ability to heal itself, and it has the same power to heal us. Sometimes all it needs is some time to recover. The healing benefits we look for in nature have become more abundant, and easier for us to access as the wilderness reclaims the land. Many areas have returned to a quiet and resting equilibrium. When I take a moment to listen, I can feel myself doing the same. The science behind this healing is vast and complex. I won’t pretend to understand all the details. What I do know is this; I come to this space everyday, and if I’m quiet, mindful and just a little lucky, I’ll have a new and rich experience. Even if it only lasts a moment, I’ll get to keep it forever.


This blog was written by Clayton Meadows, Power To Be‘s amazing Graphic Designer. Clayton has always been drawn to the outdoors, and to all of the amazing creatures with whom we share it.