Mom reflects on family program at Mt. Washington

It always takes me by surprise when people say they do not enjoy snow. How can that be? Your snow experience must be so different from mine. I get so excited at just the thought of snow possibly falling from the sky, which is why when my two daughters and I were recently given the opportunity to travel to Mount Washington for a few days of snow adventures with Power To Be we were packed and ready to go.

It’s always fun to experience snow with other people who love it and appreciate it as much as we do. As a group of 12 we were so fortunate to have amazing accommodations at the Vancouver Island Mountain Centre – the same place the athletes stay when they are training.

20160311-mt. washington overnight 2

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But on to the good stuff… the white stuff… the snow as far as the eye can see stuff. That’s what this snow adventure was all about. There is something so awe inspiring to me about the brightness that a snow landscape brings. Everything glistens and sparkles. It feels so uplifting to be surrounded by all that white stuff and the light that it brings.

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We spent our morning snowshoeing through a Dr. Seuss-inspired forest. All the trees and bushes were wearing Seussical style hats and they were transformed into a magical wonderland. The Whiskey Jacks came out to greet us and camaraderie filled the air. It’s easy to bond and connect with strangers when you all feel the same reverence for the environment you find yourself in. Snowshoeing is the polar opposite of alpine skiing – it allows for the beauty of the moment to go on for as long as you want it to. To be the first to lay fresh tracks on the trail. Stop. Listen. Smell the snow. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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There is nothing like bonding over shared snow experiences. The anticipation was unmistakeable as we layered up with our clothing that has had the benefit of the ‘drying room.’ Designed by someone who understands that warm, dry clothing is the key to truly experiencing snow at its best, fleece and Gore-Tex are your friends, but even they can use a little help between gigs.

It was my absolute joy to share this snow adventure with my girls and new snow allies. Board games replaced cellphones. The connection we all felt to this magical escape did not elude any of us. Everyone probably came with expectations, and left feeling snow satiated. It’s a feeling of peace and contentment to come, to experience and to leave wanting a little more. That’s what I call snow glow.

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– Story shared by Donna Knoester, Adaptive Recreation mom