Power To Be partnered with the Steele family in March 2016 on a long-term lease of the former Prospect Lake Golf Course. With lake access, open natural spaces and forested trails to explore, the site is an inclusive hub for programs, helping us expand our program offerings.

The move allowed us to consolidate gear and programs in one location. Programs hosted onsite include kayaking, hiking, canoeing, and other activities for youth and families living with a physical, mental, social or financial barrier. The site also acts as a staging area for programs that bring participants to natural spaces throughout Vancouver Island and the Vancouver area.

Latest Site News

Learn more about the partnerships and programs helping make our Prospect Lake site a home for Power To Be.

Prospect Lake open house

Join us Sunday, Sept. 30 to learn about our programs and team, our vision for the future, and our rezoning application. We look forward to the conversation about inclusive adventures in nature.

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Drown The Noise with Tim Cormode

Listen to Executive Director Tim Cormode as he shares insight into philanthropy, Power To Be and Prospect Lake with Andrea Lynett from Drown the Noise.

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Planting community roots with our participants

Find out how a donation from TimberWest helped participants connect to the land by shaping the landscape at our Prospect Lake program hub.

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Power of community turns inclusive dream into a reality

Find out how a network of trails has opened up access to adventure at Power To Be’s program hub at Prospect Lake thanks to HeroWork.

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A Radical Renovation with inclusion in mind

Find out how HeroWork’s Radical Renovation for Power To Be is creating a space to connect in new ways.

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Program dock opens at Prospect Lake

Find out how a partnership with Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC is opening access Prospect Lake for our participants.

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Creativity gets people out onto the water

Find out how a canoe program with the Rare Disease Foundation's Victoria Parent 2 Parent Resource Network inspired families.

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Power To Be signs 25-year leave on program hub

Inclusion comes in many forms, and for Power To Be it is now rooted in a long-term home at Prospect Lake.

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HeroWork selects Power To Be as 2017 partner

Find out more about a partnership between two non-profits to revitalize Power To Be's program space on Prospect Lake.

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Building a sense of place

Transitioning a former golf course into an inclusive and accessible recreation hub comes with a lot of work. Proving the power of working together, HeroWork, a Victoria-based non-profit organization, selected us as its 2017 partner for a series of Radical Renovations. With the help of this amazing organization, we will be able to address accessibility needs around waterfront access, trail system and outdoor program spaces. Check out their website to learn more about these projects.

Getting in touch

If you would like to connect with Power To Be, contact us at our Victoria or Vancouver offices. Our Prospect Lake site is not open to the public or drop-in visitors at this time.


“A place to call home will strengthen our ability to offer programs throughout the natural spaces that surround us in B.C.”

Jason Cole, Director of Programs