An Unparalleled Game Changer

Everyone belongs in nature, and our Prospect Lake site creates a sense of place for participants and their families to explore what’s possible while building deeper connections with nature and community. We’re honoured to welcome people to the wilderness just outside the city centre. The proximity to the urban core is what makes the site accessible. Our focus on inclusion is what makes the opportunity so valuable for people living with a barrier or disability.

Current Spaces

The Impact

For the first time since we were founded in 1998, we are able to offer multiple programs simultaneously on the same site, while increasing our multi-day camping programs and exploring new partnerships to create opportunities for more people. We would not be here without the support of the Steele family, who partnered with us on a 25-year lease of this 78-acre site. 

A place to call home

will strengthen our ability to offer programs throughout the natural spaces that surround us in B.C.

– Jason Cole, Co-Chief Executive Officer

Activities at Prospect Lake

The diverse landscape of the site means we can explore on land and water. It is also a launching point for programs further afield and a complement to adventures offered in Vancouver. Here is a sampling of activities that our participants can experience on the site:


Participants enjoy activities in a nature-based setting before settling in for the night under the stars. With raised tent pads, including two with ramp access, and plenty of space to stretch out and experience nature, our campsites offer an escape from city life, close to home.


Participants can explore the water in our 12-passenger canoe, helping to paddle or enjoying the ride with the group. We offer the team, expertise and equipment to help people enjoy time on the water.


Participants can connect with our natural surroundings while exploring trails and lookouts throughout the site. There are a variety of trails for different skills and fitness levels.


Participants can explore the shoreline and lake while paddling a kayak. We offer the team, expertise and equipment to help people enjoy time on the water.


Participants can navigate the calm waters of Prospect Lake on a paddleboard, where people can sit, kneel or stand to explore the shoreline from a new perspective.

Get Involved

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We offer a variety of adventures at Prospect Lake and other locations. Find out how to apply for Adaptive Recreation or Wilderness School programs.

Become a Volunteer

We need help to maintain this 78-acre site for participant use. Find out about volunteer work days and other opportunities with Power To Be.

Make a Donation

We need your support to evolve this site into a world-class inclusive program hub. Find out how you can contribute to the future of Power To Be at Prospect Lake.

Honouring Our Shared Home

Our New Build

Power To Be’s Prospect Lake site has become a source of healing, infinite discovery, and unconditional belonging; we had found a sense of place, and with that, a home. Construction of our new build is now complete and we have opened our Gateway To Nature, a series of innovative, sustainable, inclusive buildings that allow us to enhance our programs and elevate our impact.