Power To Summit Background 

Just over 10 years ago, a group of Power To Be supporters, and our founder, set off on an expedition to summit Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds and awareness for our mission of removing barriers and creating access to nature. In 2020, to celebrate the anniversary of this expedition, supporters virtually summited Kilimanjaro.

In 2021 we invite you to join us on our virtual summit of North America’s highest peak – Mt. Denali. The Koyukon Athabaskans, who inhabit the area around the mountain, have for centuries referred to the peak as Denali. The literal translation of Mt. Denali means, “the tall one”.

The Map

The Race Details

Over the course of 3 days (May 14th – 16th), teams will work together to cumulatively complete the elevation of Mt. Denali.

Racers can gain elevation anywhere. Climb the stairs in your house, a hiking trail, an inclined street, or a hill in your neighbourhood… as long as you are respecting the federal and provincial guidelines regarding physical distancing and other preventative measures surrounding COVID-19. In the spirit of Power To Be, racers can expect a little competition and of course lots of fun along the way, with Best Dressed, Team Spirit and Social Media Challenges throughout the journey. By the end of the event, teams can be proud of having worked together to virtually summit a peak for a great cause.


Prior to Race:

  • Raise $1000, or more, before 8am on May 14th, get choppered-in by Helijet to Base Camp (Elevation, 2,200 m)
  • Raise $2000, or more, before 8am on May 14th, get choppered-in by Helijet to Base Camp (Elevation, 2,200 m), and get entered into a draw for a One Night Stay in an Ocean View Suite at Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa X4.

During Race:

  • Team who fundraises the most between 4pm Friday, May 14th – 12pm Saturday, May 15th  (PST) wins 4 prizes
  • Team who fundraises the most between 4pm Saturday, May 15th – 12pm Sunday, May 16th (PST) wins 4 prizes

Post Race Team Awards:

  1. Top 5 Team Spirit Awards
  2. Best Dressed Award
  3. Fastest Team Award
  4. Act of Kindness – Top Fundraiser
  5. Top Individual Fundraiser


Keep up to date on everything Power To Summit through the event’s Facebook Group. Post photos of your fundraising efforts, share encouraging messages with fellow racers, swap ideas for where to gain elevation, and show off your team photos for the TELUS Social Media Challenge…. Show us pictures of your summit! In order for your team to be considered for prizing, please ensure you are posting and engaging with other racers within this group.


The TELUS Social Media Challenge will give your team a chance to win AirPods and the challenge starts now! In order to Summit, teams must share 2 posts with photos of their team to Instagram, and on the Power To Summit Facebook Group and tag the following:



Facebook: @PowerToBe

Instagram: @Power_To_Be

•  All posts will enter teams into the Team Spirt and Best Dressed awards
•  Racer bibs must be worn during in-race TELUS Social Media Challenge photos

Suggestion/Example posts:


•  Teams may use the tracking app of their choice. We highly recommend the free Strava app.
(Other options: Runkeeper, Map My Run, or a Fitbit).
•  Racers will be required to register their elevation in our Interactive Race Map (link will be provided) at set times during the race:
⇒ by 4pm on Saturday, May 15th
⇒ by 4pm on Sunday, May 16th
•  Teams will register their total time by 4pm on Sunday, May 16th



Churchill Drive the road up Mount Doug (164m) from gate to summit parking lot
To Summit from the approach each teammate would need to complete this hill just over 9 times.

Sinclair Hill (40m) from Cadboro Bay Road to UVic
To Summit from the approach each teammate would need to complete this hill just over 38 times.

Mount Tolmie (60m) Mayfair Drive
To Summit from the approach each teammate would need to complete this hill 25.5 times.


Mount Finlayson Trail (410m)
To Summit from the approach each teammate would need to complete this trail 4 times.

Mount Work Trail (230m)
To Summit from the approach each teammate would need to complete this trail just over 4 times.

*If you’re looking for routes in alternate locations – reach out to our race inclusion ambassador, Simon, at sparr@powertobe.ca.

Building & Offices

1 flight of stairs = 3m
Approximately 16 steps

The Key Dates

  • Event Date – Friday, May 14th through Sunday, May 16th
  • Fundraising Kick-Off – Thursday, April 15th
  • Power To Summit Information Webinar – Tuesday, April 27th – 12pm (noon)
  • Racer Kit Delivery – Thursday/Friday, May 6/7th
  • Race Start  –Friday, May 14th – 12 pm (noon)
  • Race cut-off for Elevation & Time – Sunday, May 16th – 4pm
  • Power To Summit Celebration via Zoom  – Sunday, May 16th – 5pm

Race Rules

Rules and race details subject to change at the discretion of Power To Be


  • Racers are to walk or run their elevation gain. Should a racer require an alternate method of completing elevation, they must have a plan approved by the Race Inclusion Ambassador.
  • Teams are made up of 4 racers. If you would like to race with less than 4, please contact our Race Inclusion Ambassador.
  • This is a non-motorized race.
  • Cycling to gain elevation is not allowed.
  • Racers must be 19+ and have completed the online race waiver to participate.
  • Team Captains will be required to register their race completion time and total elevation achieved in that time.
  • Racers are recommended to use Strava (Free App).
  • Racers are only to track the incline elevation and time.
  • Elevation can only be gained from sun up to sun down – no climbing in the dark!
  • Racers are required to create their own training and race plan including training and event locations, logistics, fundraising and a safety plan based on individuals and team’s abilities and health. It is highly recommended that all teams complete a Route Card.
  • High intensity physical activity can suppress your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness. Participating in this event could put you at a greater risk of getting sick, including, but not limited to, COVID-19. Only you know your health and fitness levels to best determine your personal risk tolerance to participate in this event. Please refrain from participation if you have any underlying health considerations making you more at risk from cold or flu.
  • All participants are expected to follow physical distance protocols recommended by the Province of British Columbia.


  • Racers bibs must be worn during TELUS Social Media Challenge photos.
  • Racer bibs must be worn in-race.

Race Planning Resources


Visit our Fundraising & Promotion page for resources like fundraising ideas, prepared social media posts, and email templates to get you and your community engaged.

Please note:
• Some financial, legal or corporate entities may need to accept the cookies on Race Roster in order to proceed with your donation or registration.
• If you are donating or registering at work, the business you work with may have an internal firewall that blocks the needed actions to proceed. We suggest using your phone or home computer if this becomes an issue for you.
• Should you run into issues please notify acongdon@powertobe.ca


How much is a Team expected to raise?

Teams are encouraged to raise a minimum of $1500, but we are grateful for every dollar raised. Teams that raise $1000 or more by 8am on Friday May 14th, will receive a fundraising incentive that puts them at an elevation start of 2200 meters! Teams that raise $2000 or more will also recieve this incentive and we entered in a draw to win a prize!

Do all team members have to gain elevation?

No. Although recommended to share the climb, it is up to the team to decide how to divide the race elevation. If you have a team member who is unable to climb, a good role for them could be executing the TELUS Social Media Challenge.

What if we decide the climb is too high for us, but we want to support Power To Be?

Racers are not required to Summit – you can choose a specific Camp along the way as your goal. You’ll still be able to participate in the prizing opportunities (Race Winner category excluded). Please reach out to our Race Inclusion Ambassador for more details.

Do we need to complete the race in one day?

No. The race is spread out over the weekend to give your team flexibility in scheduling your elevation. The Fastest Team winner will be determined by the total time entered by 4pm on Sunday, May 16th.

Do we have to gain elevation in person as a group?

No. You can race together or on your own – whatever suits your needs. Your individual elevation accomplished will be tallied up and input by your Team Captain. If the Team Captain is not able to enter the time and elevation, a proxy may be assigned.

What is in the Racer Kit?

Your Fairway Market Bag will include:

  • Racer Bib
  • Fjallraven Kanken Hip Pack
  • Fjallraven (with purchase) Discount Gift Certificate
  • Helijet Baggage Tag
  • Fairway Market Lunch Bag
  • TELUS Hand Sanitizer
  • CLIF Bar
  • Driftwood Beer
  • And the, soon to be coveted, Power To Summit Mt. Denali pin commemorating your climb!