Registration Fee

  • $100 per Team of 4
  • Register by August 18th and your Registration Fee will go to your Fundraising Total


  • Race Kick off: September 18th 2020 at 12 noon
  • Race Ends: September 20th 2020 at 4pm
  • Registration: opens July 20th, 2020


Over the course of 3 days (September 18-20), you will work together as teams of 4 to cumulatively complete the elevation of the Kilimanjaro expedition – via the Machame Route. The Machame is the route taken by the Power To Climb team in 2010. You can gain elevation anywhere. You can climb the stairs in your house, an inclined street or hill nearby, hiking trails…as long as you are respecting the federal and provincial guidelines regarding physical distancing and other preventative measures surrounding COVID-19. Wherever it is, make sure you are at least 2 metres away from other people who may be on your path.


How much is a Team expected to raise?

Teams are encouraged to raise a minimum of $1500, but we are grateful for every dollar raised. Teams that raise $1000 by 9am on September 18th, will receive a fundraising incentive that puts them at an elevation start of 1640 meters!

Do all team members have to gain elevation?

No. Although recommended to share the climb, it is up to the team to decide how to divide up the race. If you have a team member who is unable to climb, a good role for them could be executing the TELUS Social Media Challenge.

What if we decide the climb is to high for us, but we want to support Power To Be?

Racers are not required to Summit – you can choose a specific Camp along the way as your goal. You’ll still be able to participate in the prizing opportunities (race winner category excluded). Please reach out to our Race Inclusion Ambassador for more details.

Do we need to complete the race in one day?

No. The race is spread out over the weekend to give your team the time to reach elevation as best works for your schedule. The race winner will be determined by the accumulative time registered.

Do we have to gain elevation in person as a group?

You can race together or on your own – whatever makes you the most comfortable. Your individual elevation accomplished will be tallied up as a team.

What is in the Racer Kit?

All racers will receive a numbered bib. The bib must be worn throughout the race.  Teams that raise a minimum of $250 by September 9th will receive a full Racer Kit. Teams that do not, will receive a virtual bib via email. The full racer kit includes items such as: Racer Bib, Power To Summit Racer Buff, Clif Bars and much more!