Program evaluation at Power To Be is an important organizational practice. Monitoring and tracking of program outcomes, participant satisfaction, and program intentions are used to evaluate, inform, and improve program quality while also informing our stakeholders and industry partners on themes, trends, and best practices. In 2018, Power To Be redesigned our evaluation process to follow a Theory Of Change Framework in order to have an evaluation tool that looks at the intricacies of people and how people change behaviourally, physically, and socially.

Our Theory of Change Evaluation model offers the opportunity to gain more perspectives in a variety of fashions. This has allowed us to monitor, track and evaluate impact in real-time through many different modes of gathering data. Our model measures 8 desired program outcomes against a three-point scale that outlines short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals; defined as ‘Expect to see’, ‘Hope to see’ and ‘Love to see’. These levels identify indicators of positive behaviour, knowledge, attitude, or skill change seen in participants through growth and/or time because of their involvement in our programs. We collect our data (stories) through conversations, reflection activities, surveys, observations from staff/caregivers, and blog posts. Since moving to this model we have been able to expand the voices of those who engage in our evaluation process to include a greater number of participants, as well as volunteers, staff, caregivers, and parents.

Our Program Theory of Change is:Power To Be’s participants’ sense of self and community is positively increased by removing barriers to access nature-based programs”.

To achieve this change, our programming approach is guided by 8 outcomes to support growth and impact in our participants.

Some of the change we look for isn’t within our direct control. By watching our programs carefully, we can gauge which actions are helping achieve our goals.

We are so far thrilled by this evaluation model, and are excited for its potential of demonstrating the ripple effect of our programs into our community. This evaluation model will grow with us and ensure our participant’s voices are reflected as we develop and build upon our programs.

Based on the data we gather, we reflect and share recommendations, trends, and highlights of impact to our staff team, participants, donors, and other community stakeholders on a quarterly basis. This year we are very excited to highlight our 8 outcomes on a quarterly basis by sharing stories of impact with our community.

Learn more about how our programs provide nature access and opportunities for outdoor proficiency & confidence by clicking on the buttons below. Stay tuned throughout the year as we continue to share our program outcomes and how these contribute to providing enriching, confidence-building, and enjoyable experiences for our participants.