Power To Be began in 1998 with an idea: help people living with a disability or barrier access nature. The idea grew into a community, connecting participants to adventures and supporters to opportunities, collectively redefining our definition of ability.

This year marks an incredible milestone for Power To Be, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary!

For 25 years, Power To Be has supported children, youth, families and adults living with barriers to discover limitless possibilities in our adaptive, inclusive nature-based programs. Throughout this time, we have seen the building of a beautiful community, including participants, volunteers, staff, partners, and donors’ intent on including everyone in the journey.

We have also seen lives change forever because of our work: youth who have engaged in joys and challenges to become the leaders of tomorrow, families who are more connected to the land and to each other, adults and seniors who are exploring their full potential, new Canadians who feel at home in their new environment, and lasting friendships built on trust, respect, and inclusion.

As we celebrate this occasion, we also look forward to the next 25 years and beyond. We believe that the future holds exciting progression for our organization and the partnerships and communities we serve. With the increase of global understanding of the importance of adaptation and inclusion, we know that with continued and growing support of our staff, donors, and volunteers, we can reach even more people and expand the impact of our work.

We invite you to join us on our #JourneyTo25 this year as we reflect on our past 25 years, celebrate where this adventure has led us, and begin to envision our bright and promising future. Stay tuned over the coming months as we share cherished memories, announce exciting events, and honour the people, places, and practices that have led and inspired us to where we are today.