During this time, many people are exploring new activities and hobbies and finding fun ways to spend their days, including Power To Be‘s staff team! Looking for some new ideas? Check out some of our program staff’s favourite shows, books, snacks, and activities to pass the time.


Board game: Azul

TV show: The IMAX specials

Activity: Baking and kids doing journaling through drawings


Video game: Animal Crossing

Outdoor activity: Gardening and skateboarding

Book: The Body Keeps the Score


Board game: Monopoly Go

Outdoor activity: Gardening and doggie walks

Baking: Sourdough bread


Board game: Ticket To Ride, because you can play it with just 2 people

TV show: Brooklyn 99! New season just came out on Netflix!

Baked good: Sourdough bread from our fridge sourdough starter

Outdoor activity: Gardening on my balcony


TV show: Life in Pieces

Outdoor activity: Gardening/curling up in a sunbeam

Baking: Being creative with random items in the freezer or cupboard

Podcast: We Have Concerns


TV show: Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Brooklyn 99

Book: Anything Douglas Adams currently, the hidden life of trees

Baking: Sad cookies that just don’t seem to come out well but get consumed anyway because sugar and butter mmm

Outdoor activity: Soaking up the sun on my deck from 2pm-4pm because that’s optimal sunshine time


Video game: Fifa 2020

Board game: Ticket to Ride

TV show: Top Chef and Ru Paul.

Indoor activity: Move with Kim on the Headspace App.

Podcast: The Moth.

Food: Zuchini Banana bread.


Board game: Ticket to Ride

TV show: Brooklyn 99

Book: The Dark Material trilogy (Golden Compass, Subtle Knife, Amber Spyglass)

Baked good: Banana Bread

Outdoor activity: Gardening

Movie: Hunt for the Wilder People

Video game: Portal 2


Board game: Code names

TV show: Chef’s Table

Activities: Walks in the forest with my little one – listening to birdies, admiring wildflowers, watching slugs, looking for cool rocks. Also drawing with chalk.

Food: Making delicious energy balls and homemade chocolate bark


TV show: Schitt’s Creek

Outdoor activity: Propane fire handout on the porch

Cooking: Curry with homemade naan bread


Board game: Bananagrams

Outdoor activity: Mountain biking and paddleboarding

Book: Soulcraft


TV show: Planet Earth and Human Planet

Outdoor activity: Paddleboarding, early morning hikes, gardening, building stuff, rainy walks in the forest.

Baking: Cookies, practicing cooking outside in my yard.


Outdoor activities: Workouts 5 days a week starting at 7:30am, cycling out to PL, Thetis lake, and around Victoria.

Favorite game: Xbox 1, NHL 19 where I’ve created myself and put myself on my favourite NHL team.  I’m in the hunt for the Stanley Cup!