In our ever-changing climate, one thing remains true: people need to eat.

This month, Power To Be has partnered with Backpack Buddies, a non-profit organization that provides lunches to school-aged youth, to help support their revamped outreach program.

“Backpack Buddies tackles the hidden crisis of child hunger in British Columbia. While vulnerable students may take advantage of school-based meal programs during the week, few supports exist on weekends, when many kids suffer in secret.” shared Backpack Buddies co-founder, Emily-Anne.

Everyone deserves access to healthy and nutritious meals. With the closure of schools and other community-based services due to Covid-19, the challenges of food security in our community have largely increased. With Power To Be programs currently on hold, our staff have been eager to help. By utilizing our resources and staff power, Power To Be has helped deliver 396 meals in Metro-Vancouver and Gold River and will continue deliveries on a weekly basis.

During the deliveries, we’ve experienced many expressions of gratitude. Most notably, we encountered a mother with three young children, who were very thankful and literally jumping with excitement. They blew kisses, made heart-hands and sang a ‘thank you’ song through the window. In a time of social-distancing and uncertainty, these moments of connection hold immense value.

Watch the video below:



This blog post was written by Andrea MacDonald, a passionate and dedicated Program Facilitator at Power To Be. Andrea’s curiosity has taken her from Canada to Nepal, South East Asia and Japan, seeking experiences that enrich community and self along the way.